Martial Arts Therapy


for children fighting cancer




Martial Arts Therapy

May 1 - 5, 2013

Martial Arts Therapy Program Overview

Martial Arts Therapy is a virtual combat practice. Our no-contact method enables instructors to initiate kids' involvement in a most gentle way, using fluid movements and steps. Martial artists animate the empty uniform serving as a target for an imaginary fight, teaching children all that martial arts has to offer without any injury or danger, allowing children to be included in a combat practice for the first time.

Our students receive special "Belt and Badge Awards" for their physical and emotional achievements and get ready to pass along their knowledge and help to others. We teach our kids to perform under pressure. In specially designed training seminars children communicate their fears of their daily trials. Kids learn how to avoid fear and anger and replace it with love and joy. Martial Arts Therapy is fun for children and at the same time it is a practice for the techniques allowing kids to start harvesting the rejuvenating energy of martial arts. The same energy which allows a trained martial arts practitioner to crack the masonry without feeling pain is now helping the child to fight his malady.

Our guidance imagery is designed to benefit even the frailest children and incorporates four elements: envisioning an army of white blood cells armed with swords and shields attacking and defeating the cancer cells the way the patient practice their martial arts with the foam sword, seeing the white cells of the immune system swarming over the cancer cells and clearing up the debris, seeing the cancer shrinking, and seeing the body returning to perfect health.

Martial arts have their roots in antiquity. The martial arts practitioners have developed and refined methods to achieve superior physical and mental health. The results are sometimes so striking that they become mythical, nevertheless these feats of strength are real, scientific, and reproducible, and simply are products of one's strong will, determination, and hard work.

Martial Arts Therapy offers the power of martial arts.

Help us make a difference

Your contribution counts. Every dollar you give will help Martial Arts Therapy to reach more children. Now it can be your money that helps a child fight pain and cancer, and if you want to get involved with Martial Arts Therapy or see how donations are used, please visit our contributions page.

Our Program

About Gary Moskowitz

Gary Rabbi Sensei Gary Moskowitz is a former New York City police officer, private investigator, teacher, principal, social worker, talk show host, and president of a Long Island Jewish community council. He has trained police in the United States and anti-terrorist units in Israel in riot and hostage tactics. Gary holds a Seventh Degree Black Belt in both Juijitsu and Karate, a Second Degree Black Belt in both Judo and Oriental Weapons, and he is an instructor in Tai-Chi-Aki. His life long desire for educating others and for making the world a better place has led him to teach Martial Arts and a broad variety of other subjects over many years and to found the award winning National Association for the Jewish Poor and other charitable organizations, including Martial Arts Therapy for children fighting cancer.

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