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Martial Arts Therapy for children fighting cancer and other illnesses offers emotional and spiritual support to children and helps them to take an active role and become a partner in their own healing process.
Also for victims of domestic and sexual abuse and violence, street violence, job violence, school violence using Mental and Physically Ju-Jitsu.
Inquire on our special school program - Turning bullies into friends

Classes in Applied Martial Arts
and Law Enforcement

    We offer classes in:
  • Ju-Jitsu Practical Self Defense
  • Third party protection - Executive Protection
  • Judo Jr./Sr.
  • Karate Jr./Sr.
  • Kick-Boxing
  • Tai Chi Aki Jr./Sr.
  • Gymerate - Gymnastics and Karate/Judo synthesized
  • Foam Stick/Staff fighting Jr./Sr/
  • Rescuerati - Third party protection for children
  • Police Cadet Program - Jr./Sr. Tactical training and defensive fighting as a team against multiple attackers


Aimed at utilizing martial arts therapy to combat disease and disability.
Students will come into direct contact with children with cancer and other illnesses and disabilities, utilizing martial arts for fun, pain management, and development of motor skills. READ MORE...


Our Motto: Education, Energy, Empowerment

Each year in the United States alone approximately 10,400 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer. Martial Arts Therapy programs offer children with cancer a chance to learn to use their inner powers and abilities whereby they become heroes to themselves and us, and gain a chance to play, laugh, make friends, and enjoy life.

Students are taught pain management, physical rehabilitation skills, and deep relaxation techniques. An eclectic approach is used, combining several forms of martial arts, modern medicine, religion, and psychology.

Martial Arts Therapy for children fighting cancer is a virtual combat practice that offers the power of martial arts to even the frailest child. Our non-contact method enables instructors to initiate kid involvement in a most gentle way, using fluid movements and steps. The Martial Arts Therapy has been recognized by doctors as a form of complimentary medicine, providing a vast spectrum of benefits.

We show students they are not alone fighting their disease but they are now part of congregation of people who share the same goals and will assist them so they can all fight as a unit. By doing that we give children power in a playful and very effective way to stand up for themselves and combat their illness.

Please browse through our site and find out about us, our program, ways to get involved, and statements from doctors, instructors, and our students and their families.

Thank you for visiting Martial Arts Therapy.

Help us make a difference

Your contribution counts. Every dollar you give will help Martial Arts Therapy to reach more children. Now it can be your money that helps a child fight pain and cancer, and if you want to get involved with Martial Arts Therapy or see how donations are used, please visit our contributions page.

MAT in short

About Gary Moskowitz

Gary Rabbi Sensei Gary Moskowitz is a former New York City police officer, private investigator, teacher, principal, social worker, talk show host, and president of a Long Island Jewish community council. He has trained police in the United States and anti-terrorist units in Israel in riot and hostage tactics. Gary holds a Seventh Degree Black Belt in both Juijitsu and Karate, a Second Degree Black Belt in both Judo and Oriental Weapons, and he is an instructor in Tai-Chi-Aki. His life long desire for educating others and for making the world a better place has led him to teach Martial Arts and a broad variety of other subjects over many years and to found the award winning National Association for the Jewish Poor and other charitable organizations, including Martial Arts Therapy for children fighting cancer.

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