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Martial Arts Therapy

How it all began

The concept of Martial Arts Therapy originated in 1979 when Rabbi Gary Moskowitz formed the community service organization Martial Artists for a better community. The original purpose was to teach and rate his martial arts students in the concept of humanity that goes along with the grueling physical and mental training of many of the martial arts. By using martial arts for self-defense or protecting others it exists the possibility of hurting other human beings. Consequently one must first learn, or at least simultaneously, how to heal.

For every promotional rank each student was required to help and assist individuals or groups, preferably using the newly acquired martial arts skills. Some students delivered food to the elderly in dangerous urban slums while others helped younger kids in poor neighborhood with their homework and in teaching elementary martial arts to them. At that time, Gary had begun teaching martial arts to children and adults with serious illnesses and disabilities therapeutically. Many of the students assisted in this endeavor and later sought out other disabled and sick children.

In 2005 Gary and his team decided to develop this concept to another level where the curriculums developed so far would be used to educate other martial arts instructors and members of the medical community in a new form of training towards rehabilitation and healing. Martial Arts Therapy was founded as a non-profit organization and was granted space in a synagogue to teach classes. Gary and the Martial Arts Therapy instructors went to conferences to teach, held training seminars for doctors and martial arts instructors, publicized the Martial Arts Therapy program to the best of their abilities, taught the techniques at two cancer camps, and continued classes for families of children with illnesses and disabilities while training a volunteer corp.


Help us make a difference

Your contribution counts. Every dollar you give will help Martial Arts Therapy to reach more children. Now it can be your money that helps a child fight pain and cancer, and if you want to get involved with Martial Arts Therapy or see how donations are used, please visit our contributions page.


About Gary's Team

Gary Gary is supported by a team of well trained and highly dedicated professionals from the medical field and many other walks of life. To read more about Gary's team, click { more }