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Martial Arts Therapy

Rabbi Sensei Gary Moskowitz

Founder and director of Martial Arts Therapy for children fighting cancer

Gary grew up in The Bronx and took up Karate to protect himself. Later he honed his skills working at the NYPD where he became known as "Rambowitz" and was one of the only two Orthodox Jewish cops at the time. His unbendable will to right the wrong put him in many tricky situations, soon earned him an outstanding reputation, and made him realize his desire to help others. The years in the police force were the years of gaining experience in street fighting, people's psychology, stress management, and self-discipline. This invaluable treasury of skills later formed the basis for Mental Judo, Gary's own teaching of Martial Arts.

Since then Gary devoted himself to educating others. During the next 30 years he taught a broad variety of subjects to the whole spectrum of students – Martial Arts to the police, self-defense for women, hostage situation tactics to the Israeli anti terrorist units, as well as Torah. He worked as a social worker and as a school principal, directed summer camps, and organized seminars. Applying the timeless wisdom of oriental martial arts he pioneered such innovative learning programs as Study Boxing, Dojo Dancing, Virtual Karate, and developed the ideologies behind The Martial Arts Healing and The Martial Arts University.

Rabbi Gary Moskowitz received ordination from Kollel Ayshel Avraham, is completing a master's degree in Education Administration at Mercy College, has completed his law studies at Touro Law School and is eligible to sit for the New York State Bar. Additionally Gary attended Yeshiva University's school of Jewish Education & Social Work as a graduate student.

Gary also currently serves on the faculty of the American Seminary for Contemporary Judaism. He is the director of the Jewish Communal Work and Public Affairs Department and lectures on a host of Judaic, Criminal and Social Justice topics, including the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. He is the founder of the award winning National Association for the Jewish Poor and has received numerous educational and community citations. He holds a Seventh Degree Black Belt in both Juijitsu and Karate, a Second Degree Black Belt in both Judo and Oriental Weapons, and is an instructor in Tai-Chi-Aki. His life story is so inspiring that Hollywood took interest in adapting it for a major movie.

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About Gary's Team

Gary Gary is supported by a team of well trained and highly dedicated professionals from the medical field and many other walks of life. To read more about Gary's team, click { more }